Thursday, October 18, 2007

Will it go easy or hard?

I arrived in New Orleans last night to rain. A full but gentle shower covered me getting to the car, as I drove to UNO to pick up some of my mapping materials and props. Weather is one of those variables that trip things up, especially if we're looking to map a large area over a short period of time.

I think the Lower Ninth Ward is at least 2 square miles. It will take a long time to map if we don't have enough volunteers. Much longer than the weekend. And even having too many volunteers has its problems, if we're not ready for them or we don't adapt to the differences in having a much larger group.

My goal is to make it feasible to map the entire Lower Ninth this weekend. I'm heading to the Lower Ninth Ward soon to meet with Nilima, community liason for NENA (the Lower 9th Neighborhood Empowerment Network Association).

Mapping is tomorrow, so whether it goes easy and hard will depend on what we do today.


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