Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Do Less to Achieve More?

There was a point in June when I had to slow the project's operational aspects (data collection, community engagement, data management) for a couple weeks, in order to reconfigure the project to achieve more during the summer.

Now feels like a similar time. In July and August, I came back to NOLA with Ingrid and Sam for two separate extended weekends of mapping. The heat was pretty brutal. Especially two weeks ago in August.

Altogether during those weekends, the three of us with Gentilly residents and other volunteers finished remapping 9 of 21 neighborhoods. Together the particular neighborhoods correspond to about 30% of Gentilly properties.

It would have been great to update more. This week I'm having to think ahead to the fall. Sponsors. External Partners. Core team members.

I'm weighing a trip to NOLA next week, so that I can map with some volunteers on Labor Day weekend. And the two years since Katrina is being recognized there too. But time is becoming critical to reconfigure the project, and I need to check to see if a third trip is in budget.

Should I return to NOLA next week?


Blogger Quintus Jett said...

i appreciate the comments i've received off the blog about my decision of whether or not to go to NOLA this week. currently, i'm at "No Go"

it's coming down most to money and organization. the project doesn't have the resources it needs and i want to complete my efforts to secure more. also, i need to take action with respect to the people and organization that we'll need to use those resources for.

i'll still be working on the project from New Hampshire in any case.

and driving my car down to new orleans this weekend is tickling at me...

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