Monday, July 23, 2007

Work, Play, Work, Play on Sunday

Yesterday - Sunday - Sam and Ingrid finished mapping the Vascoville neighborhood and started the Gentilly Heights neighborhood next door. Both neighborhoods are next to Dillard University.

Then we met with an alumnus Jim Hutchinson (Dartmouth '69, Tuck School '71), whom I met at a conference here last fall. He took us to the Sassafras Restaurant in New Orleans East, and showed us how the damage varied in different parts of the region.

Then in the early afternoon: Ingrid, Sam, and I met up with about 4 volunteers. Two residents from Vascoville, a political science professor from the University of New Orleans (UNO) who studies urban politics, and Harvard student Tom Wooten who's studying the recovery strategies in NOLA neighborhoods.

Late in the afternoon, we were invited to the home of a Dartmouth parent. She was hosting a barbecue and pool party for young volunteers, and we were invited to join in. There were about 20 students there from a variety of schools, like Kenyon, UW Madison, NYU, and more...

This morning - Monday - we are tying up some loose ends. Finishing up some work from the College of Science at UNO, then finishing up some mapping, then home to pack for the airport.


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