Saturday, July 14, 2007

Restless. Breathless.

I can't help it. Whenever I'm preparing to head down to work in the neighborhoods of New Orleans, my mind is in a state of motion...weighing the options and pulling the levers to bring about what I intend. I do this knowing it never turns out like I intend.

In the end, unexpected constraints and opportunities arise, and I devise a way to make it work as I go. And the way tends to come out-of-the-blue and on-the-spot. Usually during a time that seems unlikely for great breakthroughs. Like when a volunteer provides me with an inspiration during a walk. Or when I'm resigning myself to not having the solution I need in time. That's usually when my mind suddenly opens up and I see the way.

If more people knew of the struggles the people of New Orleans have gone through to return home, I think there'd be more restless people like me. Whenever I'm about to stop thinking about what to do in New Orleans, my heart starts to take over.

My heart doesn't let my mind rest, until I have a new idea (or option) that turns (what seems to be) an impossible task into a manageable problem.


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