Saturday, July 14, 2007

Targeted Recovery Zones

The area we're remapping next weekend is near a targeted recovery zone of the City of New Orleans: "These zones will be built around public assets in business corridors in an effort to generate further private investment from developers."

I know where the two official targeted zones are in Gentilly, but I hadn't looked at our priority area for next week in that way.

There were a bunch of factors that went into my decision of where to prioritize for the trip. A lot of it was finding a clustering of neighborhoods that were feasible to attempt -- due to their manageable size, our ability to reach residents who could potentially help, and ongoing interest from neighborhood association leaders. This time I only have two other dedicated people to help (summer interns Ingrid and Sam), so our achievements come from the on-the-ground resources we can cultivate and depend on...

While the city's recovery zones are spurring redevelopment and accelerating recovery from the top down through its Office of Recovery, this project - and numerous others throughout the city - are doing the same from the bottom up.

I'm glad there's some potential for convergence next weekend.


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