Thursday, July 19, 2007

We've Landed...and We Need Help! : )

Sam, Ingrid, and I arrived yesterday afternoon. Within hours, we were at the Burbank Gardens neighborhood association meeting -- after a brief stop at Pizza Milano (Gentilly's red truck pizzeria!) for a quick bite to eat.

We collected the contact information from about dozen residents. Becky, one of the resident who mapped with us in March, wants to get started right away! And a number of them wanted to get started mapping this weekend. So we're helping them get started this weekend on Saturday at 9am.

We're set up now to enable any resident or volunteer help us map in Gentilly -- now that I think we got some printing issues resolved this morning. We're working again at UNO once again, thanks to generosity of the College of Sciences!

If you have a couple hours to walk and map with us this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday - please email

Those who aren't in New Orleans can still do a lot by simply sharing what we are doing here.
This has always been a significant grassroots-recovery effort here in this city, and in the project we're found a way to give this recovery a boost....

More later.


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