Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Power of Mapping

Ingrid, Sam, and I arrived back in Hanover (New Hampshire) around 2am this morning.

While we were preparing for the return travel yesterday, there was a MSNBC news item released online that talks about the project.

Its focus is the power of mapping, and it talks about the citizen-journalism project what we started last April with Dan Gillmor, director of the Center for Citizen Media, and Bill Gannon, head of Web operations at LucasFilm. Gillmor and Gannon. Both Dan and Bill were co-teaching a class at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism, and Gentilly was the setting for all their interviews and photos.

Dan and Bill are sticking with the project in order to help residents tell their own story as citizen journalists. I clearly see the need for that. Even those who want to help people in the New Orleans can fall into oversimplified stereotypes. I know my own look at things keeps getting more subtle.

There's a lot of diversity at life when you look up close. I believe the power of mapping is illustrating that diversity in a visual form that non-experts can see and appreciate.

For "time travel" back to the visit by Dan, Bill, and their students in late April - visit the blog entry here.


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