Monday, August 27, 2007

Community Radio - A Great Idea

I spoke Friday with someone in New Orleans who's looking to organize a community radio station in New Orleans that'd be focused on the happenings of specific neighborhoods.

This idea is very complementary towards this project's goal of accelerating local recovery by drawing attention to the different kinds and levels of recovery needed in particular areas.

I wonder if the Dan Gillmor, director of the Center for Citizen Media, would be interested in this? He and I have discussing how our spring collaboration (which includes Bill Gannon of Lucasfilm, Inc.) will continue through Dan & Bill's UC Berkeley graduate journalism course and a shared venture that involves having Gentilly residents becoming journalists themselves.

Maps are very democractic. A properly-organized map can communicate information in a form we can all understand. I think radio can function similarly. Imagine the project's local recovery results could be radio broadcast on both the NOLA airwaves and on the Internet! We could cross the digital divide quite well with such an effort.


Blogger Quintus Jett said...

I think the organizers from Radio Free New Orleans blog here...

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Helloooooooo are you there???? are you alive??speak, cough, breathe, something.

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