Sunday, October 07, 2007

Rapidly Scaling a Project

A year ago, an entire house-to-house mapping of Gentilly seemed like a year long thing. Now it can be done by residents and volutneers within weeks, provided the right setup is in place.

These days, I'm preoccupied with how to replicate what we've done in Gentilly. I'm working with a growing number of residents to replicate within Gentilly, as well as expand to new parts of New Orleans.

This can be done within two years with the proper allocation of resources. The project must be rebuilt to scale rapidly through use of professional talent and financial capital. Some aspects of the plan are more developed than others. I'm looking for ~ $60K to start.

If I have access to the relevant talent and equipment, I can grow the project's capacity through volunteers and others. It would bring down the project cost estimates from $1 million per year to $300,000 per year.


Blogger Amilcar said...

I think what you guys and gals are doing is vital and needed.

I also think you should take a look at

and i am not formally associated with it, i just loosely know some of the people in it

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