Monday, October 22, 2007

Mapping in the Rain

The rain is coming down pretty hard, yet things are still moving. Several of the East Texas Baptist University group worked in the office this morning, keeping the data entry going and helping keep the filing system under control. I gave an impromptu 10-minute discussion about logistics. At my busiest moments here in New Orleans, I get very impatient and feel that half the government, university, and private planners should be kicked out for six months. And to replace them bring experts in operations and logistics.

Due to the rain, there's not much use for construction and yard work today. So we have greater capacity for volunteers than we otherwise would have. We also have one group of folks from a Unitarian church in New Mexico.

I've spent the day so far keeping our production line moving....dealing with and anticipating bottlenecks. Giving direction or instruction to NENA staff members and volunteers, so that they can operate independently. This is the way it has to be to build the capacity we need.

Someone has gone to pick up lunch from Chicken-in-a-Box. Five pieces for $3. And back where I'm staying, I have gumbo with okra. Yum.

I'm going to spend the next hour or so getting ready for an afternoon push. We have people out mapping the final areas of the Lower Ninth Ward, but I don't know exactly where are progress is. And the data-entry status is not as clear as I would like. By 3pm, I hope to know what it will take to finish mapping and data entry for the rest of the Lower Ninth in total.


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