Monday, October 22, 2007

East Texas Baptist University!

I met up with the team from East Texas Baptist in the late afternoon on Sunday. We began mapping the Holy Cross neighborhood for about a hour before the rain sprinkles began and dusk approached. I didn't get out into the neighborhoods all that much on Friday and Saturday, so I enjoyed taking a walk and mapping.

It was a lot like any other neighborhood I've seen in the world, except a lot quieter. A little boy answering my question about his age by holding up three fingers. His mother smiling and asking him to come back inside. A family packed in the front room of a small house with the door wide open, sounds of a football game reaching the street from the TV. Two guys - neighbors - talking to each other outside one of their cars. Me having a conversation with them about New Hampshire and how cold it can get.

I'm meeting Nilima from NENA and the East Texas Baptist University again at 9am to continue. The weather forecast still warns of rain and severe weather. If it does rain, I figure we'll make progress elsewhere -- such as data entry.

It turns out there was an article about this Lower Ninth Ward mapping in Sunday's Times-Picayune, the citywide newspaper of New Orleans. It was a front-page article of the Metro section. Due to the article, I've already heard from someone who'd like to refer her volunteers to the project for future mapping efforts.


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