Thursday, December 28, 2006

On the move again...

We're out this afternoon with residents mapping in two additional neighborhoods, Indian Village and Bancroft Park. Tomorrow we have scheduled a third neighborhood, Gentilly Heights East. Things are moving so fast that I'm preparing a scorecard so that we show how we are progressing in each neighborhood.

Overall, we count 22 neighborhoods in Gentilly. We have completed 5. We have another 9 neighborhoods that in "active" phase: we have started coding, made contact with residents, and/or ready to code there in within the next day.

Our server at Dartmouth that will allow us to enter and display the results ( is down. The silver lining is that we can concentrate purely on mapping and not data entry. The weak link ws that we lost our ability to generate address lists for about 20-30% of the blocks we have yet to walk and code.

Fortunately, I had a quick brainstorm a couple hours ago with Ben Wilson (Dartmouth class '07) who's been working with the project for many months. We figured out how we can reconstruct the lists we need through a data archive that he sent me about two weeks ago. It's a bit of a cumbersome process, but we can make it smoother using Microsoft Access database software. Then, during lunch, Sarah's husband Owyn saw how he might do things even easier using table functions in Excel.

The intellectual and social capital of Dartmouth is at work here in New Orleans, and I'm pleasantly surprised and delighted every day with the progress we make and the challenges that we are able to overcome.


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