Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Five Gentilly neighborhoods done!!

When Christiana and I arrived in New Orleans almost two weeks ago, I didn't expect to complete five Gentilly neighborhoods.

The broader objective of the project is to map as much of Gentilly as possible. However, finishing Pontchartrain Park was a good aspiration goal for us on December 7, given the resources that we had available.

I wanted us to do more, but I had no evidence that we could. I was uncertain about how exactly we would finish Pontchartrain Park happen if it happened! Much of it do to new participants who came into the project after Christiana and I got here on the 7th: Norbert Rome, the undergradate group from Dartmouth's Afro-American Society who particitated actively towards the start, and especially the graduate student group from Dartmouth who made the project their focus much of their final 10 days here. And also there were the new residents we met from a variety of neighborhoods.

We weren't able to get to all the residents who expressed interest before the graduate student team left this afternoon - and Christiana and I tomorrow. However, we've started working with 4-6 additional neighborhood groups in preparation for a post-Christmas move. I'm planning to return here next week (December 29 - 31) to do more mapping with residents and assist them in mapping themselves when a Dartmouth team isn't present in New Orleans. A couple of the graduate students can return too.

How much more we do will depend on so many things. I'm uncertain about what will happen next with the project AGAIN, but there have always been plenty of blessings and unexpected opportunities since the early conceptions of this project in late 2005.

I'll continue to post how things are progressing through the holidays.


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