Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Estimating the number of volunteers needed

Midday today I modified Jon Feldman's Excel spreadsheet breakdown of assignments per neighborhood. In order to estimate the number of volunteers needed for completion, the project can now use my simple formula is now available on the spreadsheet, as long as the number of days volunteers are going to work is known, and the number of hours per day they can put in.

We are estimating that in the next 'active phase' of the Gentilly Project (aka "Quintus in Gentilly") there may be part-time volunteers (2.5 hours per day) and/or full-time volunteers (approx. 5 hours per day or more).

Wrapping up here in Gentilly... for the time being.


Blogger Christiana Toomey said...

It is my humble estimation that the internal reference to the next "active phase" may be 'the rats are back'.

12:25 PM  

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