Saturday, December 16, 2006

With a little help from new friends

*Photos by Julie

Musicians at Edgewood Park social at Gentilly Presbyterian Church
& Nate in the lap of Saint Nick!

I try to be realistic in setting our goals for the day, while searching for ways to do things in a more efficient (or better) way. Yet, the additional help of volunteers keeps moving us along past the daily goals we set. For example, Michelle joined us for the first time today. And so is Wynecta, who had planned to start Sunday but had time and wanted to start today. And someone wants to donate money to the project, in addition to someone else who offered to donate on Thursday.

We're walking St. Roch Bend and Edgewood Park simultaneously today. It looks like we're about to finish, or have finished already, with a few hours left in the day.

My thoughts are turning to which neighborhoods we can do next. My current thinking is that we're going to put our foot into each of the 4-5 neighborhoods in which we've already created mapping assignments.

I say pretty much every day: "This project will be different two days from now." And it has been. Working with a few new volunteers every day is becoming routine.


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