Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day cheers!

- I found the digital camera I thought I lost in New Orleans! On the top, a photo I took of Gentilly Woods resident Marla and Dartmouth volunteer Nel. They are mapping (of course!). On the bottom, a photo I took of the Morning Star Baptist Church located across the street from the Southern University of New Orleans (SUNO). The flood damaged church sits on the corner where we began mapping Pontchartrain Park. The nearby SUNO campus buildings were vacant and still not repaired.

- Two new people emailed back overnight saying they'd help in Gentilly this weekend. One is from the neighboring area Lakeview. A third person emailed back too. She's a Gentilly resident who's out of town for the holidays, yet she still emailed me the color codes for 8 houses on her street. And she asked how she could help more!

- The project calendar is back up. We can just add upcoming events, if there's no time to blog about them.

Have a happy holiday!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay for mapping! Good luck this week. I'll be keeping an eye on you guys!


1:27 PM  

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