Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Rats Are Coming Back

The Dartmouth graduate team that left New Orleans last night started a "Rat Board," as a means of giving and taking away "points" from different members of the team. Christiana and I received honorary membership on their team, and so were placed on the Rat Board too! Like everyone else we got nicknames.

I am Splinter.

I'm planning to come back here after Christmas to continue mapping. Maybe 2-3 other "rats" may come back too. This morning I spoke with Daryl, who's construction superindendent at the Lutheran Disaster Response camp we've been staying at the past several days. He said about 120 volunteers are coming to town next week. We talked about providing them with an option to map as a break from a series of gutting days.

I spoke yesterday with people from other faith based groups too. One group is sending 50 volunteers to a Gentilly neighborhood, and I spoke with Ms. Gwen the neighborhood president about deploying a group of these volunteers for mapping on the 30th.

Although "inactive" for the next seven days, preparations are underway to continue mapping actively again a week from now.


Blogger Sarah said...

As one of the returning "rats" and a native of New Orleans, I have to say that our return trip is much anticipated. Being in Gentilly over the past few weeks helped to remind me why I loved NOLA so much. Despite the hardships created by Katrina people are still friendly and have that typically New Orleans sense of humor.

Where else in the world could so much devastation breed such a feeling of community?

I look forward to coming home again next week and having the chance to bring my husband with me to help!

1:48 PM  

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