Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Friday 12/29 and Saturday 12/30

This Friday and Saturday will be our key days, so I'm watching the weather in New Orleans. A long term progress a week ago was for rain. Rain won't necessarily stop us, but not ideal for walking and mapping local rebuilding status in Gentilly. Fortunately, the weather forecast seems to be improving.

Right now, our server that runs all the time with the Gentilly status (http://icpd.dartmouth.edu) is off right now. Currently, it only shows how much has been coded in Gentilly as a whole. I think maybe posting where we are by neighborhood would be helpful.

I'm meeting this evening with this week's "away team" to New Orleans. Mostly going over and finalizing basic logistics for when we leave Wednesday afternoon.

Sign up if you can walk and map with us in New Orleans on Friday and/or Saturday. Even on Sunday. A couple hours of walking from you and a friend or family member will help. Or share with others what we are doing this weekend. Or assemble a group.

Many assumptions about today's New Orleans are too much at the extremes of "everything's normal" and "everything's in ruin." In the Gentilly area of New Orleans, we are showing literally how neighborhoods there are in between these extremes, and how things can vary street-to-street and house-to-house.


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