Saturday, December 30, 2006

Here Comes The Rain

A strong storm is on its way to New Orleans. When we reached the office at UNO a half hour ago, it was overcast, gray, with rare sprinkles.

A few neighborhoods were "in play" for us to code today. Anticipating the storm, we're adapting. In a few minutes, we are leaving for Gentilly Heights Vascoville. All five of us from Dartmouth are going. Gwen, the neighborhood president, is looking to bring in 5 residents. At least several others from other Gentilly neighborhoods - e.g., Bancroft Park, Burbank Gardens, Sugar Hill - will be meeting us there. We will code while the weather holds.

If we finish Gentilly Heights Vascoville, we'll move on to Mirabeau Gardens and Burbank Gardens.

Out of the 22 Gentilly neighborhoods, we have finished coding 8 since the launch of this coding effort two weeks ago. We currently have started or priortized 4 more neighborhoods. We already have 3-5 neighborhoods beyond that are ready to go or are in preparation.

Yesterday, we committed to staying a few more days. I'm staying now until January 5. Sarah and Owen are staying until then too. Nick and Zsuzsa are staying now until Wednesday January 3.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not "Anonymous" at all but all right, I'm still in the process of figuring out this Blogger ID thing. So hello.
Zsuzsa here.

I am returning January 3rd ONLY because the semester starts January 5th.... Otherwise, I'd be happy to stay and leave with everyone else!
This is not a complaint, however. We have done our job amazingly well in the last two days. And that means AMAZINGLY well. Things are working out.
Today, we finished 69 blocks, viz. two neighborhoods in 2.5 hours.
We are beating our own best records.
Volunteers now happily sign up, regardless of threatening stroms.
This is my take on the whole thing: we ARE in New Orleans, for crying out loud. Weather IS a concern here. So plans come and go and change and adopt accordingly. You gotta have respect for the right spirit about that! And the wisdom of New Orleanians who handle the weather reports with gleeful skepticism. The locals know to expect the unexpected.
They were right about "no rain" in the morning. We had a portal open until 2:30 this afternoon. We wanted to beat the storm - and we did. And every single one of us were working accordingly, in pairs, supporting each other as well as the Gentilly Project.
When the 5 of us: Quintus, Sarah, Owyn, Nikita and I got into the car at 2:29 PM, it started raining. Or pouring, rather.
It will keep at it, probably all night.
Yet, as we found out this morning, the right mindset can even stop the rain clouds. And if there is a need, the local friendly folks and volunteers will provide rain gear and soulful jokes.
We'll keep walking.

5:54 PM  
Blogger nel said...

This is incredible. I guess the "snowball" effect has taken over. I can hardly wait to see what you folks will pull off next! Have a great new year's in the big easy!

~love nel

12:16 AM  
Blogger Quintus Jett said...

If not a snowball, perhaps this is a leap of ....

7:06 AM  

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