Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Let's get it started

Today has been about getting ready for tomorrow. Christiana and I are heading out to New Orleans in the morning. I heard snow's coming our way in NH. Hope it holds off, so that we have a few hours of daylight when we arrive.

Mostly, I want to set up shop at the University of New Orleans and move into the volunteer house we're staying at. This afternoon, Christiana suggested we need to get started coding street addresses in Pontchartrain Park after we arrive. Pontchartrain Park isn't too far from UNO. Why not? And color coding is pretty easy:

RED - Blighted
YELLOW - Gutted
GREEN - Vacant/demolished
BLUE - Habitable/renovated

I'll print off a few census-block lists from the Gentilly map now, so we can get a little something done.


Blogger Quintus Jett said...

..with apologies to my co-investigator in Geography Xun Shi, I'm calling our geographic information system (GIS)a "Gentilly map."

4:57 PM  

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