Thursday, November 30, 2006

Greetings from New Orleans

I'm in New Orleans for a few days in preparation for the project's launch next week. This morning I met with the executive committee of one of the local neighborhood associations.

One thing that's pretty clear when I attend meetings like this: A lot of residents of overwhelmed with the combination of employment (if they have it), rebuilding their households (literally), and attending to the larger civic matters that can affect the future of their neighborhoods and their city.

And I run into residents who are tired of meetings! There's a hunger to do something that will have an impact. So many just want get on with the rebuilding already, wanting it all to move much faster and not sure how to make it happen.

There are perspectives emerging from my scientific field of management and organizations that provide an answer, in theory. I look forward to putting them in practice soon.

My own feeling to move forward is especially strong when I'm here in NOLA. I have met too many residents who have endured and done so much, yet they are still looking for the rebuilding that so often is promised.


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