Friday, December 01, 2006

Launch on Friday, December 8

The Gentilly Project launches next week in New Orleans, and its first active phase will last from December 8 through December 20. This project has two objectives:

(1) To enhance awareness. Many people outside of the city who wish to help with the rebuilding effort are unable to see how damage varies throughout the city and the progress that has been made.

(2) To increase recovery support. Many who wish to help the city want an option to volunteer their professional skills, in addition to the options of giving money and doing hands-on work.

Starting next Friday, I will get to work with residents and other volunteers in Gentilly, a district in New Orleans which was home pre-Katrina to over 40,000 people. In Gentilly, we are going to record whether each street address is blighted (red), gutted (yellow), vacant/demolished (green), or habitable (blue). The color code of each address will then be displayed on the Internet, in order to enhance awareness of local rebuilding conditions.

- Keep visiting us at this site during the next three weeks to hear about our progres.

- Use the comments section of the latest post to share your thoughts, ask questions, and provide input into what we do.

- Please share what we are doing in ways that help us achieve impact.


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