Saturday, March 17, 2007

No Winter Thank You

I lent Sheli my camera yesterday to take photos, so I think she took these. Need to ask her about them...
My guess this was in Virgil Park, a Gentilly neighborhood we started and completed yesterday morning. Today, we finished two more neighborhoods. Burbank Gardens in the morning. Fillmore Gardens is being finished as I write.
Today, we started an "advance team" that would work ahead to prepare mapping assignments and perform any followup associated with mapping (e.g., data entry, office errands, getting snacks and lunch, and follow up contact with residents in need).
This afternoon, Nicole and I performed an advance-team assignment of following up on a lead provided by Jackie, a Gentilly resident. Although living out of town, she had a fairly recent record of rebuilding status for her entire block. She recommended that we meet a couple of her neighbors, including Mr. Fortenberry. We're going to work with him by giving him a list of addresses from our master address file, and doing a small local census with him. I've called ahead to some neighborhood presidents so we can do something similar in other areas too.
I heard that lots of snow fell in NH the past 24 hours. New Orleans is getting California perfect weather today, and it's been great to see how much we're getting done in just a second day.


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