Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Small Armies

I'm getting that feeling of anticipation, the one I get when I'm about to go to New Orleans.

I had a short to trip to UNC-Chapel Hill last week. We're exploring ways to collaborate with the Center for Urban and Regional Studies, because they're starting their own projects in Gentilly too. Graduate students Nathan and Chava helped me enter some data on Friday. Couldn't knock the weather. It was beautiful.

Last night, I met with a group of students here at Dartmouth who'll be participating in the project during spring break (March 15 - 26). Our trip down to NOLA isn't coming soon enough. We have frigid temperatures right now. No joke. It was 10-20 below zero wind chill this morning.

There's a group of students from Tufts who may be joining us for spring break too. I'm headed down to Boston to visit with them on Thursday.

Next week, ahead of our spring break, is the break for NYU. I'm meeting J.R. in NOLA, and his students might be partipating too.

I'm hoping for lots more resident engagement and mapping this trip. There's definitely a return to Gentilly and the Lower Ninth Ward in the works. Maybe other parts of the city too.


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