Friday, February 02, 2007

"Oh, you're back..."

After I arrived in New Orleans and stepped into the hotel yesterday, the woman behind the front desk casually looked up at me and said: "Oh, you're back..."

The blog has been silent, but I've been up to a bit. In addition to fighting a lingering cold.

Jeffrey Robinson and I coincided our trips down to New Orleans, and he is helping me kick off mapping in the Lower Ninth Ward this morning. About a week ago, his research assistants at New York University (Ndidi, Mike, and Rich) went to work preparing the mapping assignments that we will use this weekend.

Back at Dartmouth on Wednesday night, we had a data entry party for the Gentilly mapping. We finished inputting several more neighborhoods. Lots of the graduate student crew from December was there: Sarah, Abbey, Nick, Owyn, Zsuzsa, Harsha, and Nate.

I saw Amanda Soprano sing at Dominic's last night. She has a new band. They're UNO students. It was a good time.

Now, Jeff and I are off to breakfast and mapping.


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