Monday, March 12, 2007

More Drama!

It's the good kind. Stick with me : )

I plan to start a process later this week of pairing student volunteers and assigning them to particular Gentilly neighborhoods. In addition to mapping responsibilities, the student volunteers are reaching out to help residents take further ownership of the mapping process.

We're also starting to get more feedback by email from residents, including updates on the rebuilding status of their houses and feedback on how to make the Gentilly GIS more effective.

However, for the GIS to be effective in showing what's truly happening on the ground, there needs to be observations at either the neighborhood (or census block level) that are all collected within a week's time.

It's important not just for residents, but for others around the country, to see what the needs and progress really are in New Orleans at the most local level. This is pretty exciting!


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